These photos were taken on a six day bush walking trip along the Overland track in Tasmania's Central Highlands. The Overland track goes from Cradle Mountain to Lake Saint Clair. Five people went on the walk, me (Chris Jennings, Matthew Horsham, Marcus Mok, Anton Colev and Guy Seymour. The track goes past some important land features such as Barn Bluff, Waterfall valley, Mount Oakleigh, Mount Ossa, Kia Ora Falls, The Acropolis and Mount Olympus. These photos are in chronological order and I will attempt to describe what the photo is of and what had happened previous to that photo.

Lake Saint Claire Cynthia Bay which is a the Southern end of Lake Saint Clair. This is where we ended the bushwalking trip, so we left one car here and then travelled to the starting point at Cradle Mountain. We left Lake Saint Clair at about 6pm and we didn't get to Cradle Mountain until 11:30pm and we had a BBQ.

Cradle Mountain This is Cradle Mountain the next day, Cradle is 1545 metres high and you get quite a good idea of why it is called that from Dove Lake in the foreground. It was quite good weather to be starting the trip on and it was very hot. We walked up to Cradle Mountain via Marion's Lookout which was quite a difficult start for a first time bush walker with a 20kg pack.

Cradle Mountain 2 We finally made it to Scott Kilvert hut that afternoon. After my first day walking while wearing only one pair of socks my boots had stretched half a size and my feet had at least two blisters each foot. This day started out quite overcast but it cleared up quite nicely.

Barn Bluff After leaving the Scott-Kilvert Hut we climbed up out of the valley on our way to Waterfall Valley. But after a group conference we decided to go up Barn Bluff. Barn Bluff is 1559 metres above sea level and is a good climb. We left our packs at the bottom of Barn Bluff so we could ascend the mountain easier. When we got back I found that a crow had gotten into my pack and eaten all of my dried apricotes, chocolate and half of a stick of salami. Needless to say I was quite hungry when I got back because that was going to be my afternoon snack for the rest of the walk! After I had recovered we walked to Windermere Hut and had a swim in Lake Windermere.

Mount Oakleigh After our refreshing swim next day we walked on to the new Pelion Hut at the foot of Mount Oakleigh, Mount Pelion West and Mount Pelion East. The picture on the left is of Mount Oakleigh. Matthew, Guy and Anton went up Mount Oakleigh while Marcus and myself stayed behind and made camp. By this time the soles of my feet were covered in blisters and walking was extremely difficult. But I made myself a good meal that night and had a good sleep. I did however get woken up by the possums attempting to get into my pack and eat my toothbrush. They also got into Matthew's pack and ate a museli bar before he chased them away and yelling 'F*** off you c***s!' After that they decided to leave us alone and eat other campers food.

Mount Ossa The next day we set off on an absolutely great day and we decided to walk up Mount Ossa, the highest mountain in Tasmania. Even though the temperature was high there was snow on the mountain.

Anton on Mount Ossa This is Anton meditating on left of Mount Ossa, the sound effect to go with this photo is 'Oohhhhhmmmmmmmmm'. This particular point is the highest part of Mount Ossa.

On this same day we walked to Kia Ora Hut and had lunch. Now my feet were absolutely stuffed. Guy gave me two tablets that had Codine and Paracetamol in them at told me to lead the group. Initially it made no difference but after a while I forgot that I had blisters and motored along quite nicely. We decided to go and look at the Cathedral, D'align=center alton and the Fergusson falls.

Cathedral Falls This is a picture of the Cathedral falls. It was here that Anton slipped and lost his disposable camera into the river. That night we didn't get to the camp site until 7pm and I was dehydrated and sick.

Acropolis The next day we though that I had better not climb the Acropolis and just walk straight to Narcissus Hut. Anton, Guy, Matthew and Marcus went up the Acropolis and didn't get back to the hut until 8pm.

Toilet View This is the view from the toilet at Narcissus Hut. The toilet here was by far the best in the National Park for both its cleanliness and lack of smell!

Well that was my first bush walk and I hopefully will be able to do more in the future.