Allies Guns


Here you will find some information I have gathered on Day of Defeat. Enjoy.


BAR crouching

Using the BAR when crouching gives OK results. However recoil is medium to high and makes continuous firing difficult.

BAR proned

Using the BAR proned makes the recoil much less and gives good results.

BAR standing

The BAR standing is a waste of time. Most bullets didn't even hit the target. Perhaps with extreme luck you may be able to bring the recoil into the managable range.

Garand crouching

The Garand crouching gives good accurate results.

Garand proned

The proned position gives less recoil but accuracy suffers for some reason.

Garand standing

The recoil is higher but with practise the results can be almost as good as crouching. Try using the standard strafe technique.

Grease Gun crouching

The grease gun has a slower rate of fire than the Tommy gun, but accuracy is similar.

Grease gun proned

Improves accuracy over the crouched position.

Grease gun standing

The standing position gives poor results and definately can be regarded as 'spray & pray'.

M1 Carbine crouching

The crouch position gives good results, not as good as the Garand however.

M1 Carbine crouch (fast)

When firing at maximum rate the recoil comes into play (but crouching decreases the effect).

M1 Carbine proned

The proned position gives good results, not much better than crouched though.

M1 Carbine proned (fast)

When proned the recoil is much less and therefore gives better results when firing at maximum rate.

M1 Carbine standing

When standing the carbine gives good results.

M1 Carbine standing (fast)

Even at maximum rate the cluster of shots is very closed to the mark.

MG normal

The MG does spracy around the target in the normal proned and deployed state. Recoil is minimal.

MG crouch

The MG is spraying everywhere when crouching, use it like a sawn off shotgun.

MG proned (not deployed)

In this position the results are not much better than crouching.

MG standing


Pistol crouching

The pistol is very inaccurate, don't aim just try to luck a head shot, unless at close range.

Pistol proned

Not much improvement over the crouched position.

Pistol standing

Once again this doesn't seem to make much difference.

Sniper crouching

Spot on, only the sway effects accuracy.

Sniper crouching (unzoomed)

The accuracy is similar to the pistol, just more stopping power from a sniper bullet.

Sniper proned

Right on target, with very little sway.

Sniper prone (unzoomed)

Poor accuracy, slightly better than crouching.

Sniper standing

Good accuracy, just watch the sway as it is extreme.

Sniper standing (unzoomed)

Poor accuracy but not much difference to the other unzoomed stances.

Thompson crouching

The Tommy gun (my favourite) in the crouch position is deadly. Aim at the body and watch the recoil make it aim at the head. One bullet in the head and it's goodnight.

Thompson (single)

Firing single shots can lower the effect of recoil, and makes the bullet spread less.

Thompson proned

Proning gives increased accuracy (only due to reduced recoil) and gives results similar to single fire mode when crouching.

Thompson standing

Whoa! She's all over the place. Use as suppression fire is you need to cover a movement.

Thompson standing (single)

This gives good results, similar to crouching. Adding to the theory that stance only effects recoil, not accuracy.


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